Scuba Equipment Service and Repair

We have 30 years of experience servicing most brands of equipment. We guarantee a reasonable turnaround and provide the highest quality work!

Regulator Service

(Parts not included)

1st, 2nd, & Octopus $75.00
1st & 2nd Stage $50.00
1st Stage Only $25.00
2nd Stage Only $25.00
Octopus Only $25.00
Alternate Inflator Regulator $25.00
Poseidon MKVI or Se7en Rebreather $500.00

Additional Services

(Parts not included)

BCD Annual Inspection $10.00
Computer Battery Change
(FREE when computer purchased here)

Tank Service

(Parts not included)

Annual Visual Inspection $20.00
Hydrostatic Testing $45.00
Whipping/Tumbling $25.00

Tank Valve Service

(Parts not included)

DIN Valve $20.00
K Valve $20.00
J Valve $25.00
Twin Manifold $35.00

Wetsuite & Drysuit Service

(Parts not included)

Test & Evaluation $25.00
Pin Hole Repair $10.00
Seam Leaks & Tears $46/ft
Write Seals Remove & Replace (both with cost of latex seals included) $90.00
Neck Seal Remove & Replace (with cost of latex seal included) $111.00
Standard Zipper Remove & Replace $366.00
Valve Replacement Varies

Tank Fills

(Parts not included)

Air (scuba tank) $5.00
Nitrogen (paintball tank) $2.00
Nitrox (up to 40%) $12.00
Oxygen (jumbo D tank) $45.00
CO2 (paintball tank) $5.00
CO2 (5 lb. keg) $20/up

Why is Regulator Repair important?

Having your regulator repaired by a certified and diligent service technician is critical. There are many stories out of the dive industry about freshly serviced regulators bursting or leaking while diving. Our technicians take their time to make sure that each piece of equipment will hold up to the most extreme diving conditions.

Scuba World Repair Room

Bring your equipment to Scuba World and let our trained, experienced and certified repair technicians get you and your gear back in the water! Remember, your regulator, alternate air source, gauges, and BCD are your life support system underwater, and should be maintained carefully.

We can service almost any major brand of equipment, including Aqualung, Apeks, Atomic, Cressi, Dacor, DiveRite, Mares, Oceanic, OMS, Poseidon, ScubaPro, Seaquest, Sherwood, Tekna, Tusa, U S Divers, Viking and Zeagle.

How Long Will It Take?

This answer varies based on the regulator type, brand and service needed on it. On average, we try to turn our repair equipment around within three days.

Scuba Tank Tips

In the event that you have your own scuba tanks, check the numbers stamped on the highest point of every tank, close to the valve, for the hydrostatic test date – it is valid on the most recent day of the month five years after the last date of inspection. Check the VIP sticker for the visual investigation date – it lapses on the most recent day of the month one year from the date of assessment. In the event that a tank is out of inspection, it must be assessed again before any scuba facility will fill it.